This page describes the relationships for Hatty.

Ruff-Ruff Edit


Hatty cares for Ruff-Ruff like how he does for the other two. They have a nice and ongoing relationship.

In A Farmyard Adventure, Hatty got a little mad at Ruff-Ruff for losing Farmer Fred's note.

In A Bouncy Adventure, Ruff-Ruff got Hatty's hat down from the tree and Hatty thanked him.

Tweet Edit

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Hatty consulting Tweet in "A Happy Adventure".

Hatty really loves and cares about Tweet. They have a love and caring relationship.

Tweet is the first one to see Hatty at the beginning of several episodes, though not all of them.

In "A Fairytale Adventure" At the beginning when Hatty hands Tweet the fairytale book, it is upside down, but Hatty turns it right side up for her. When Tweet gets the correct answer to the second game time, Hatty says "Well done, Tweet!". Hatty says this line again after Tweet turns Mr. Squirrel back to his own self.

In "A Flying Adventure" right after Tweet flies over Ruff-Ruff at the beginning, Hatty comes up and says "Well Done, Tweet." Hatty says this again when Tweet flies with the bluebird for the first time.

In A Happy Adventure, Hatty consulted Tweet and tells her that it's okay to be sad sometimes. He also puts his hand on her back. At the end, Hatty found Little Tweet in Tweet's rolly pod and gives it to her.

In A Bouncy Adventure, when Tweet was bouncing on the ball, Hatty used his hat to catch her.

In An Upside Down Adventure, when Tweet gets the answer to the first question right, Hatty says, "Well done, Tweet!" Much like he did in "A Fairytale Adventure".

Dave Edit

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Hatty and Dave have a great relationship similar to the other two.

In "A Mountain Adventure", when Dave got stuck in the log, Hatty pushed him out of it.