Game Time is a game segment that appears in every episode. During the segment, Hatty asks a question and Ruff Ruff, Tweet, and Dave give 3 answers, which one of them is correct. Hatty then tells us what each of them said and ask us, "Who's right? Ruff Ruff, Tweet, or Dave?" The 3 then point to themselves. Their answers appear in a bubble above their heads. Some questions do not have them.

All Game Time Questions & Answers Edit

A Mountain Adventure Edit

#1 Q: "Who has found the right sign that leads to the mountain?"

Options: Ruff Ruff says the Ball Sign, Tweet says the Triangle Sign, Dave says the Banana Sign.

A: The Triangle Sign (Tweet)

#2 Q: "Who has the right thing to make a bridge to go over the river?"

Options: Ruff Ruff's bone, Tweet's rock, Dave's strong branch.

A: Dave's strong branch